Monday, December 2, 2013

What is this blog about?

The grand idea of this blog is to capture all rigorously reviewed information that I find interesting in one place.

The goal is to shift some of the content that I share on Facebook onto this blog.  Blogs are open to the public and are open for Google to index; Facebook is essentially a walled garden - which is for all intents and purposes unsearchable. (Facebook does not see the revenue in letting me search for posts that are years old, so it just does not offer that service).

Further, the goal is to sort of restrict this blog to purely academic topics - and opinions deduced thereof. Generous use will be made of tags, images, hyperlinks, search magnet terms and the like. Opinions will also be proffered by yours truly - and comments are welcome either on facebook or on the (heavily moderated) comments section of this blog.

The archaeopteryx was actually an avian dinosaur that was losing its ability to fly? That stuff belongs here. Some group in Switzerland managed to stick carbon nanotubes in a copper block increasing its thermal conductivity? That's the stuff I want here.

Arvind Kejriwal said something about corruption? Take that shit to facebook!


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